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Unification of Italy and Germany

Otto von Bismarck
Camillo di Cavour
And In The End?
Guiseppe Garibaldi
Giuseppe Mazzini
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Informational of Unifications

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The unification of Italy had started by nationalism and also brought and won together with nationalism.  Italy was broken into many states from the congress of Vienna in 1815.  At the beginning of 1815 and through 1848 the Italian people were begining to feel restless the wanted to live no more under the foreign rulers.  In the discontent of all of the Italian people and the ages of restlesness there was two very intelligent and ideal leaders that appeared before the Italian people it was Giuseppe Mazzini, Camillo di Cavour, and Giuseppe Garibaldi.


The Germany Unification.  This unification will obviously will recieve the same gratification as Italy, achieving national unity in the middle of 1800's.  There was the two larger states which was the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Prussia, these dominated the rest.  Nationalism unified Prussia as while other races tore at Austro-Hungary.  Also Prussia's was the most powerful at that time.  Berlin rioters really scared the Prussian king.  Wilhelm I in 1861 tried to double the Prussian army.  This however the parliment threw it out by not giving him the money to do this.  Wilhelm had chosen a republican Junker named Otto von Bismarck.  Bismark soon was a master of realpolitik.  Bismark soon made a big mistake he acted without the parliments consent and declared he would rule and with no extraction of legal budget.  Germany soon expands and Bismark takes Austria out of the picture.  The Franco-Prussian war started around 1867 involving France and Prussia food was so scarce people began eating sawdust, leather, and rats.  The war ended and King Wilhelm I  of Prussia was crowned Kaiser.